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Soil Conditioner with Root Stimulant

The Product

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The Benefits

Multiple benefits of Physiolith exist for soil, grass and animals.

1) Soil Surface pH

  • ­Liming agent to maintain soil pH
  • ­Higher solubility and reactivity than standard (carbonate) lime
Calcimer Reactivity

2) Soil Health

  • ­Optimised soil pH for soil biology and earthworms
  • Porous nature of Calcimer® provides habitat for essential soil bacteria and fungi to flourish

Earthworm 2

3) Calcium

  • ­Essential plant nutrient
  • ­Soil structural benefits
  • ­Balancer for high soil magnesium to loosen soil structure

4) Nutrient Uptake

  • ­­Soil pH optimises nutrient availability in the soil and efficiency of fertilisers
  • ­Root stimulant allows better nutrient uptake by the plant roots
  • ­Natural source of trace elements
  • ­Breakdown of organic matter and slurry to release nutrients

5) More Grass

  • ­­Higher grass yield
  • ­Healthier swards and faster recovery after grazing
  • ­1.6 t/ha of additional DM measured in on-farm trials in 2015

Physiolith Grass DM Yield Increase

6) Grass Quality

  • ­­Nutritionally superior grass with higher Calcium and Phosphorus contents
  • ­13-18 % increase in P content
  • 8-17 % increase in Ca content
    (On-farm grazing trials in 2015 comparing mineral contents in grazed grass with or without physiolith application)
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