Nutri-SYSTEM Range of Fertilisers – New for 2016

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Phased-Release Nitrogen Technology

Nutri-SYSTEM Phased Release N

    • Protection of Nitrogen from losses
    • More reliable response to applied nitrogen


Biostimulant to increase Nitrogen Uptake and conversion into protein

Includes Sulphur to optimise Nitrogen efficiency in the grass and improve protein quality

Sodium to sweeten the grass and improve palatability and grass utilisation

Ideal for application throughout the growing season

P and K combinations available to suit all situations

Nutri-SYSTEM Product Range

Nutri-START88151.71.8- With 4.5 % Ca.
- Reseeding & Cereals
- Early P & K on Grassland
Nutri-FEEDNP213.5-62- Grazing in summer
- With slurry for silage
- where K is not required
NPK202.24.262Little and often P and K application for grazing
Nutri-LIFTNP197-62Building Soil P where K is not required
NPK165962P and K booster for fields low in P and K
NK15-1562- Ideal N and K balance for silage
- Summer/Autumn on grazing to lift soil K
Nutri-CUT192.28.36-N P K and S balancer ideal
for silage to complement slurry