Enhanced Fertilisers

N-PROCESS Fertilisers – Phased Release Nitrogen
Phased released Nitrogen fertilisers to feed the daily needs of the plant and reduce Nitrogen losses. Includes soil conditioning and plant biostimulant benefits.

Physalg Fertilisers – Protected Phosphorus
Protected Phosphorus fertilisers for maximum plant availability and reduced lock of phosphorus up in soil

New for 2016: Nutri-SYSTEM Range
Full range of NPK fertilisers with Sulphur and Sodium. Includes 3 Phase N release technology to reduce nitrogen losses, and plant biostimulant to enhance nitrogen uptake and conversion in to protein in the leaf.

New for 2018: Top-Phos
A new fertiliser ingredient called Complex Super Phosphate (CSP). It is a water soluble phosphorus fertiliser, and is therefore available quickly for uptake by the grass.