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Actiglene is a revolutionary slurry enhancer that is aimed at increasing nitrogen efficiencies of animal slurries and reducing gaseous emissions.

  • Replicated trials in 2015 and 2016 show a grass yield benefit of up to 0.9 t/ha of DM when slurry treated with Actiglene is compared to untreated slurry.
  • This equites to FIVE bales extra of silage per hectare!
  • The unique formulation of Actiglene is designed to increase available nitrogen in slurries and decrease emissions during storage and at agitation.
  • The creation of a favorable environment for bacteria by the supply of marine calcium and the stimulation of the bacteria by a nutritive complex from seaweed origin increases bacteria activity.
  • This increase in bacteria activity allows for the conversion of organic nitrogen to available nitrogen and also increases the liquidity of the slurry.
  • The increase in the liquidity of slurries allows for a reduction in overall agitation costs.

How to Use

  • Apply once per week by dusting slat and floor surfaces at a rate of 0.5 kg of dry powder per livestock unit