Grassland Fertilizers and Timac Agro Ireland join to form Grassland Agro

Grassland Fertilizers and Timac Agro Ireland, a subsidiary of the Roullier Group, are pleased to announce the merging of their activities into Grassland Agro. This development is aimed at meeting and leading the future challenges of Irish agriculture in plant and soil nutrition as well as animal nutrition and hygiene.The combined new entity Grassland Agro has an existing turnover of about €130m. The current Managing Director of Grassland Fertilizers, Liam Woulfe, will lead Grassland Agro. This merger is subject to approval from the Competition Authorities.The primary objective of Grassland Agro will be to provide Irish Farmers with a full range of solutions to enable them to become more efficient in the post quota environment and in the globalisation trends in food production. The product range will be the full range of quality conventional fertilizer products on one side and the Timac Agro patented high-performance products such as speciality fertilizers, soil enhancers, biostimulators, mineral blocks and dairy hygiene products on the other.With this development Grassland Agro will offer the most comprehensive range of products that will all be sold and distributed only through the Co-op and Agri Merchanting Trade. In support of this distribution structure Grassland Agro will continue to support the Trade for the total Timac Agro high-performance added-value products by having technical sales representatives visit Farmers all over Ireland, outlining the functionality and benifits of such added-value solutions.

The focus of Grassland Agro will be to maximise the return on investment from conventional fertilizers, enhanced fertilizers, soil enhancers, biostimulators, dairy hygiene and mineral block products for Irish Farmers.

While many of the conventional commodity fertilizer formulas have not changed for the past 100 years, the new comprehensive range being provided by Grassland Agro will contribute significantly to bring Irish agriculture and fertilization practice to the next level, to share innovations, and to prepare for the upcoming challenges of growth both in production and quality, in a sustainable way respectful of the environment.

About Grassland Fertilizers

Founded in 1965, Grassland Fertilizers commands a c25% share of all agricultural fertilizers sold in Ireland. Grassland sources all its raw material nutrients globally and then produces and distributes a comprehensive range of NPK and trace element fertilizers and granulated lime from 3 factories strategically positioned around Ireland in Cork, Limerick and Slane. Grassland Fertilizers also produces customised blended products to order for special requirements.

Entirely committed to quality manufacturing and the traceability of its raw materials, Grassland Fertilizers has been involved from the beginning in the Fertilizer Association of Ireland, which was the first organisation to establish a code of good practice.

About Timac Agro Ireland and the Roullier Group

Formed in 1995, and based in New Ross, Co. Wexford, Timac Agro Ireland commercialises optimised speciality fertilizers, soil conditioners and enhancers as well as biostimulators and animal nutrition and dairy hygeine innovations throughout Ireland. Timac Agro Ireland is part of the Agro-Supplies Division of the Roullier Group, an international group of French origin, with a family-based shareholder structure and governance since 1959.

With Research & Development and environmental sustainability at heart , the Roullier Group specialises in plant, animal, and human nutrition and has successfully diversified as well in renewable energies. The Roullier Group offers innovative solutions whilst ensuring complete control of the industrial and commercial processes. Based in 43 countries around the world, the Roullier Group achieved combined revenues of €3.2 bn in 2011.

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Limerick, New Ross, December 17, 2012