Sustainability: Developing a bespoke fertiliser plan to suit your farm

Grassland Agro is committed to helping farmers meet the environmental and economic challenges faced by agricultural industry by offering a free fertiliser planning service. There are considerable improvements that can be made in soil fertility.

Recent Teagasc research shows that 90% of fields sampled in Ireland are sub-optimal for either pH, phosphorus (P) and / or potassium (K) or all combined. Improving soil fertility would allow for a reduction on the reliance of farmers on chemical fertiliser and improve overall productivity on farm.

The fertiliser planning programme was developed by Dr. Stan Lalor using the latest research available from Teagasc Nutrient advice guidelines and specifies the rate, timing and product to be applied on each field in a straight-forward template.

Our team of professionally trained agronomists are covering the entire island of Ireland. The agronomy team receive in-house training from Dr. Stan Lalor, Dr. P.J O’Connor and Dr. John O’Loughlin.

Soil Sampling

The first step in devising a fertiliser plan is to have soil samples available. Now is the optimal time to conduct soil sampling.

Soil sampling is essential. This allows the farmer to match fertiliser needs, and available nutrients in the soil, to the specific crop requirement

Grassland Agro Fertiliser Plan

When the results are received, Grassland Agro can build a fertiliser plan bespoke to each farm and each field. Our fertiliser plans are done on farm with the farmer with his/her budget, soil type, soil samples, production requirement and system in mind. The fertiliser plan is designed to be as simple as possible, while considering the challenges of a farm and the requirements of the farmer.

Considerable savings can be made by optimising the rate, timing and fertiliser choice on farm. The organic supply of P and K on the farm (slurry/ FYM) can be tested for the farmer to analyse the NPK content.

Build a complete fertiliser plan for your farm. Our Advisors focus on the specific needs of each individual field to maximise growth for the best economic result

Get your Free tailored fertiliser plan

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