Control Your SCC with Ireland’s leading Teat Disinfectant

Advantages of Virolac concentrate

  • Powerful antibacterial disinfectant LSA®
  • Excellent teat condition
  • 4-1 mix
  • Pre and Post

New generation of hygiene teat care

Teat protection

The components of VIROLAC CONCENTRATE maintain the condition of the skin of the teat and thus strengthens the flexibility of the sphincter.


Optimal protection proved VIROLAC CONCENTRATRE contains an active complex and very powerful disinfectant: LSA ®

LSA ® is based on a hydroxy acids complex.
LSA ® is effective against mastitis causing bacteria, yeast and viruses.

Direction for use

  • Mix  4-1 with food safe water and then it is ready to use BEFORE / AFTER milking. Use as dip or spraying. Use VIROLAC CONCENTRATE with any type of equipment including milking robots.
  • Recommendation: Can be used all year.

LSA ® (complex of hydroxy acids), moisturizers, softeners

Virolac Concentrate1
Sizes available: 
22 kg60 kg