“Control your Thermodurics with Hypra’zur”

Powder for cleaning and disinfecting cloths

Advantages of Hypra’zur

  • Cleaning and laundering of mops
  • Bactericidal Properties
  • Environmentally

Clean and whiteHypra’zur insures a deep cleaning of your cleaning cloths (Washing Machine safe for parlour garments).Hypra’zur contains a white enhancer for a better visual result.
HYPRA’ZUR is composed of active oxygen which confers bactericidal properties (test NF EN 1276 and virucidal properties (NFT 72180 norm on the orthopoxvirus).

Direction for use  – At the end of the milking :

  • Ring out carefully the cleaning cloths
  • Pour the powder HYPRA’ZUR on the cleaning cloths
  • Add hot water to cover the cleaning cloths

  At the next milking

  • Take the cleaning cloths and put them in a hot water bucket. It is possible to add some liquid soap (hyproderm).
  • You can use Hypra’zur in washing machine.

Components of HYPRA’ZUR

  • White powder with active oxygen. White enhancer.
Sizes available: