Hygienic Milk Production

Milk Plant Hygiene
An effective cleaning routine should be put in MARQUE HYGIEN FARM_Logoplace to clean the milking plant after each milking. Reputable products such as Unipred/Hypracid in a weekly hot wash and either Hyproclor ED hot wash or Unisan Liquid/Powder hot or cold prevent a build up of milk deposits in the plant.
A thermometer should be used to check water temperature regularly (75-80 degrees c. initially, before circulation and 45-80 degrees c. subsequently, after circulation, is recommended).

Milk Hygiene Products


It is very important to clean the tank after each milk collection. Milk is retained in the Bulk Tank for 23 hours/day as opposed to approx 1 hour in the milking plant. The choice of detergents used may vary from a liquid alkaline (Hyproclor ED), to a caustic chlorine detergent/steriliser (Unisan Liquid) essential for automatic intake. A powder caustic detergent such as Unisan Plus with chlorine may be occasionally used in Brush Wash situations.

NOTE: Use a milkstone remover i.e. Unipred at least once weekly in ‘hard water’ in all types of Bulk Tank Wash Systems.