Post Teat Dip for golden teat condition.

Why Use G-Mix

  • Powerful antibacterial disinfectant
  • Cosmetic properties
  • Does not DRIP.

TEAT protection
G-Mix contains humectant and emollient molecules that allow the skin to retain its natural moisture, and softeners to reduce the risk of chapped skin.

PREVENTION of infection

G-Mix  is a powerful disinfectant effective on the bacteria responsible for mastitis, but also on the yeast or the orthopox virus.

Direction for use
G-Mix is produced by mixing an equal share of G-Mix basic and G-Mix activ. Shake well before use the mixture to obtain a homogeneous solution (yellow-orange). Applies dipping. G-Mix must be prepared for a maximum of 2 milking to ensure its effectiveness.

Components of G-Mix
Sodium chlorite, lactic acid.Matière active: chlorite de sodium, acide lactique. Moisturizing, relaxing, surfactant,dye, filming  and viscosing agents.

Sizes available: 
21 kg19 kg