Udder Hygiene
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A regular routine before milking that ensures minimal bacteria on the udder and teat skin is required. This may be achieved by using an approved ‘Teat Spray’ that leaves no residues on the cow’s teat, thus eliminating any prospect of milk contamination and VIROLAC is ideal in this respect in that it is ‘lactic’ based with a neutral PH combined with virucidal, fungal and bacterial activity.

Udder Hygiene Products

Correct Post – Milking Teat Disinfectant
The correct application of a good post – milking teat disinfectant product to cows’ teats after milking is a most significant and important task.  After milking, bacteria multiply on the teat skin and may extend into the teat canal. If the whole surface of each teat is disinfected immediately post – milking, this establishment of bacteria can be greatly minimised.  Teat disinfectant is one of the most effective cell count and mastitis control measures available, but it is only effective if applied thoroughly.  Failure to cover the entire teat of each cow at every milking is the most common error in teat disinfectant.