Chlorine Free Dairy

Due the Irish dairy industry’s need for non-chlorine detergent solutions, Hypred and Grassland Agro have developed a revolutionary non chlorine liquid wash to provide a solution to the ongoing problem of TCM (trichloromethane) residues in milk.  TCM arises from cleaning and disinfecting procedures that involve solvents containing chlorine.

TCM is formed when chlorine, present in chlorinated alkaline detergent, is combined with the milk remaining in the pipelines of the milking machine or tank following an insufficient pre-rinse after milking or the emptying of the tank.  There is a risk that the milk could become contaminated during the following milking.

This could have a negative impact on dairy products manufactured using this milk as TCM tends to be associated with the oil phase and therefore builds up in products which are rich in fats such as butter, cream and infant formula.


HYPRACID ONE is a three-in-one product that will wash, sterilise and descale your milking machine.  It is made up of a special formulation of organic acids and surfactants. It does not contain phosphates or nitrates.  The product has been tested in Teagasc Moorepark and Pallaskenry as well as on a number of Irish dairy farms.

For over 30 years, HYPRED has been working alongside dairy industry professionals to create solutions which aim to continuously improve hygiene practices.  Bacteriological, nutritional and technological quality has always been our core concerns when creating new innovations.  Today, HYPRED continues to innovate, creating solutions which meet the hopes and needs of stakeholders within the industry and the Company.

“I use Hypracid One in a daily hot wash and also in the bulk tank. I consistently achieve excellent TBC and Thermoduric results.”
                                                                                       Donal Buckley, Ballyclough, Co. Cork

It is therefore with environmental concerns in mind (offering chlorine-free solutions, reducing global impact of waste, reducing carbon footprint, etc.) that HYPRACID ONE has been developed using a new active ingredient, without compromising the undeniable need for effectiveness and simplicity, principles which have always made up the DNA of HYPRED.

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