Combination of calcium, phosphorus & trace elements to balance silage, maintain year-round fertility and production.

Rumen Function

All Calseablocs contain Calseagrit Biotech, a unique combination of high quality calcified seaweed and brown algal extracts.

  • Buffers the rumen against excess acidity and acidosis
  • Is a rich source of trace elements with high surface area for optimum absorption
  • Is a highly valuable nutrient for the rumen microflora to optimise rumen activity and forage conversion

Self regulated intake

Calseabloc are unique in their formulation based on natural salt.  Animals can recognise a physiological demand for salt (sodium) in the body and will adjust their daily intake according to this need.  This has no relation to palatability driven intake such as molasses based supplements

  • Effective at meeting specific individual animal requirements with the specific needs of each animals met
  • Intake is not driven by palatability
  • Highly cost effective because over-supply is avoided and therefore no wastage

CalseaPhos mineral block:




NaCaP Mg S Zn Mn Cu Fe I Co Se CP Pr AD3ESIZE
11 %13 %9 %2,5 %-4000 mg1000 mg3500 mg-500 mg100 mg50 mg2,5 %300k iu110k iu2k iu15 kg
  • Improves conception rates and fertility in the herd
  • Enhance young stock growth and herd production
  • Regulated intake to avoid over consumption
  • High levels of phosphorous, copper, iodine, cobalt, selenium and zinc
  • Contains calseagrit and Biotech for increased rumen efficiency

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Minimum order 12 blocks

Delivery to farm in month of April

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