The benefits of Calseadigest+

• AMAFERM® : enhances fibre digestibility
• Rumen complex with 3 buffers and 3 specific rumen minerals
• Control of ruminal pH and stimulation of rumen microbes for a
better digestion of the diet
• Three Sodium supply, to support self-regulation and increased production
of endogenous bicarbonate
• High levels of trace elements and especially rich in Zinc for strengthening feet
• Calseagrit Biotech: ruminal activator

Why use Calseadigest+?

• Supports a high fibre diet
• Stimulates salivation and reduces the risk of acidosis (pH support)
• Maintenance of the rumen function
• Better digestion and increased appetite
• Digestion of Silage & Concentrates diets
• Supply of trace elements for maintenance

What is Amaferm®?

• Amaferm is derived from the fermentation of Aspergillus oryzae, the “noble mould” from rice
• Amaferm improves fibre digestibility in ruminants by stimulating fungal and cellulolytic rumen flora

Benefits of Amaferm

• AMAFERM® is the only additive approved in Europe as a digestibility enhancer additive for ruminants: N° registration EC 4a2
• AMAFERM® is a 100% natural origin additive (non-GMO)
• AMAFERM® has a significant effect on the digestibility of all diets, its action will be more pronounced when the diet is rich in fibre e.g. silage
• Release of fibre nutrients (Energy, Phosphorus …)
• AMAFERM® improves feed efficiency of diet, increases autonomy feed livestock and therefore reduces the feed cost