The complete foot treatment solution

main-one PODOCUR-


Advantages of Podocur Sv

  • Less volume of liquid – Lower costRTEmagicC_Podocur_SV_2_01.JPG
  • Less contamination of product – Better results
  • Animals can be treater more often – Versatile
  • Simple and effective 3% in the mat

Method of Use

  • The mat holds 30L of mixed solutionPodocur_SV_1
  • Mix the solution at required rate, pour over the mat allowing time for it to soak in
  • Walk the Cows/Sheep over the mat in the farm yard or in the field
  • Repeat process fo up to 5 days replenishing the mat as required
  • Once 100 cows/500 sheep have walked over the mat you will need to replenish with about 8-10L of solution.

Usage Rates & DilutionRTEmagicC_Podocur_SV_3_01.JPG

  • At 3% dilution you require 0.9L of Podocur SV in 29.1L water
  • At 5% dilution you require 1.5L of Podocur SV in 28.5L water
  • At 15% dilution you require 4.5L of Podocur SV in 27L water
  • Use at regular intervals, and vary the concentration according to the severity of the problem, if in doubt contact your local Timac representative.