Effervescent Powder

Choose Hydrafeed – the unique effervescent powder that stabilises water and electrolyte balance.

No mixing, no stirring. HYDRAFEED’s appealing vanilla aroma and neutral pH entice calves to drink, making tube feeding unnecessary. Easy-to-use, sealed granule packets guarantee correct dosage every time.

Grassland-hydrafeed-3The rehydrating solution

Lactose 62.5%

  • Unique lactose-based Electrolyte
  • No transition after treatment, immediate return to milk
  • Double energy (Glucose and Galactose)

Glycine, Sodium 5%, Potassium 0.8%

  • Glycine is a source of protein
  • Electrolyte co-transporter agent
  • Essential for the renewal of intestinal cells

Citric acid, Bicarbonate

  • Ready to use effervescent powder
  • Rapid action on acidosis
  • Complete and unique formula


  • Vanilla flavour
  • Palatability guarenteed
  • Easy and pratical for the livestock farm

Calf electrolyte treatment

  • Unique lactose-based electrolyte
  • No rest period after treatment, immediate return to milk
  • Double energy (glucose and galactose)
  • Electrolyte co-transporter agent
  • Ready to use effervescent powder, rapid action on acidosis
  • Vanilla flavour
  • Palatability guaranteed
  • Available: 16 sachet per box

One sachet for 2 litres of
food safe water