Cubicle and Calf pen disinfectant


• Controls the bacterial population therefore reducing the risk of environmental mastitis and other infections linked to bedding


• Harmless to animals and people

• Non caustic

• Non aggressive


• Absorbs over 200% of its weight

• Irreversible chemical retention of water

• Fast action proven in less than 4 hours


• Significant reduction in ammonia

• Chlorine free

• Natural fresh smell

actisan_ProductAvantage of Actisan

  • Soaks up to 200% of it weight in moisture
  • Contains LSA technology
  • Non corrisive (does not harm skin or teat)
  • Helps control odour
  • Excellent kill rate against environmental mastitis
  • No sludge formation

Actisan absorbs water and Ammonia

Market leader proven by product Comparison at absorbing water and Ammonia