The all-weather fertiliser

Innovative nitrogen stabilisation!  The nitrogen in ALZON® neo-N is protected against all potential losses and also has a high level of nitrogen availability.  ALZON® neo-N adds security to the nitrogen fertilisation, increases the yield and the nitrogen utilisation and is also kind on the environment.

ALZON® neo-N pays off in many ways.

It does not matter whether it is too dry or too wet: the all-weather fertiliser guarantees high yields, a good quality of harvest and higher N-uptake.  Part applications can also be combined.  Due to this greater flexibility for the fertilising date, saves on working time and hard cash.
The high nutrient content in ALZON® neo-N also guarantees additional benefits in relation to transport, handling and spreading.

Nitrogen into the plant – this is how it works.

ALZON® neo-N is a brand new product and Grassland Agro have the sole distribution rights in Ireland.  It guarantees consistent high quality.  Two new and extremely efficient nitrogen inhibitors enable a high degree of effectiveness, excellent economy and kinder on the environment regardless of the weather.  Once fertilisation has taken place, the urea in the soil is converted into ammonium, which is available to the plants immediately.

When temperatures are high, soil is light or pH values in the soil are higher than 7.5, it is possible that the ammonium which develops will not be released to the soil particles quickly enough.  The urease inhibitor protects the urea from converting too quickly and also against ammonia losses.  In addition to preventing N-losses, the subsequent nitrification inhibition leads to ammonium based plant nutrition, with adequate nitrate dispensation being assured at all times.  The ammonium based nutrition prevents luxury consumption, improves root formation and the intake of phosphate and trace elements (as is well known).

Fertilisers available for grass application with ALZON Neo-N
 • ALZON neo 46N

• 40N + 6 Sulphur

Apply as required and in conjunction with soil analysis

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