Research and Development towards new innovations

As a subsidiary of the Roullier Group, Grassland Agro Ireland takes advantage of the Group Research & Development Department whose objective is to create and innovate in plant nutrition as well as animal nutrition.

This gives us the benefit of three laboratories:
This gives us the benefit of three laboratories:
  • C.E.R.A. (Centre d’Etude et de Recherche Appliquée), based in Dinard (France), optimizes manufacturing process of fertilisers factories. It has a pilot plant to valid new formulas manufacturing.
  • The C.R.I.A.S. (International Agricultural Science Research Centre) (France – Dinard), specialises in both plant and animal nutrition. They carry out work on suitable fertilisers for crops in temperate regions and develop expertise on marine plant and seaweed applications.
  • The C.I.P.A.V. (Centro de Investigación en Producción Animal y Vegetal) (Spain – Pamplona) conducts work essentially on fertilisers applied to limestone soils and more specifically to Mediterranean and tropical crops. It also specialises in humic acids, and, at the level of the laboratory in dose control and the classification of Phyto-Hormones.

These three laboratories work towards the same objective: identify the most relevant research targets in agronomic innovation, so we can discover and offer new specificities that show opportunities for development.

Throughout the world, university collaborations are also set up in order to gain access to new technologies.

Now, R&D Department’s main mission is to equip the field teams with validated, competitive and approved formulas that provide efficient responses to farmer’s needs, on the basis of the principles of modern, precision agriculture.